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Why work with us?

NAHL Group plc: only you can make us what we are

Outlook and ethos will always make the difference between the good and the great. We seek people who have it in them to be great.

  • Over 250 people make up our team, working across four thriving businesses either remotely or in our three offices across the East Midlands and the South East.
  • We are Investors in People (IIP) accredited with both Gold and Silver status across the Group
  • According to Gallup, an average of 14% of employees across the UK feel engaged with their job and employer. 
    • At NAHL Group plc, our people engagement stands at 78%.
  • We invest heavily in new technology that enables us to create exciting new ways of working with - and serving - our customers. 

Our career commitment to you

We take our workplace seriously. Collectively we each spend roughly 1,800 hours or so working every year – thus we believe it’s our duty to approach your job, your skills and your career aspirations with respect, skill and imagination. We run several internal development programmes throughout the year, all designed to hone your abilities, empower you as an individual, liberate your ideas and establish better ways of getting the job done.

  • We aren’t wedded to set processes and cast-iron thinking. We are open-minded: if you think have a better way of doing things, your voice will always be heard. 
  • We are at the cutting edge of customer service for the provision of legal services: as we move forward, the industry follows in our wake.
  • It’s what makes us different: we are innovators - and we seek the free-thinking minds that drive innovation.
  • Our remuneration, packages and terms are designed to attract and keep the top talent we need.

In our recent staff survey, 82.6% would recommend our company as a good place to work.

 Find out more at Our Culture.