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Giving Back

A business that trades in isolation can never be a true part of the society or local community in which it operates. The Group recognises the importance of involvement and engagement with the audiences we serve, and in the communities in which we work.

The Environment

NAHL Group plc is conscious of its environmental impact and the need for all businesses to play their part in minimising their impact on the environment and creating sustainable business practices. With this in mind, the following directives were undertaken during the year:

  • Following on from the launch of the Consumer Legal Services division’s ‘Grow 25’ strategy, the Group partnered with a company to plant trees in Madagascar. In 2022, the Group funded the planting of 291 new trees and now has 463 trees in our forest which should result in 139 tonnes of CO2 being sequestered over their lifetime.
  • The Group continues to investigate ways of minimising its environmental impact and in April 2022, to coincide with Earth Day, the Group introduced further recycling bins to its offices throughout the year to collect items that are traditionally more challenging to recycle. Over 10 large bags have since been filled with items that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Our Communities

During 2022, employees of the Group spent over 200 hours of their time volunteering in their local communities. The Group encourages employees to take advantage of community days and, in 2022, to support this initiative the Group partnered with ‘The Green Patch’ which is a large community garden project, based in Kettering. The Green Patch delivers children’s clubs, education sessions and family events in our local community and our volunteers have helped with the upkeep of the community garden, donating money and time to ensure this valuable resource stays in great shape for those who rely on it.

Other community days included helping at the RSPCA Rushden to build a new cat enclosure and several employees also organised their own community volunteering which saw them getting involved in school trips, allotment projects and litter picking. The Group also raised funds for a number of causes throughout the year and along with our employees, donated over £50,000 to charities including the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, The Green Patch, Save the Children and the Mary Seacole Trust.