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Significant Shareholders

Shareholder % of issued Ordinary
 Share Capital
Schroder Investment Management 14.27
Milton Asset Management Limited 8.14
Hargreave Landsdown Asset Managment 5.87
Baillie Gifford & Co Limited 5.41
Harwood Capital 5.41
Sacisa Limited 5.08
Invesco Adviser, Inc 5.03
AXA Investment Managers UK 4.82
Polar Capital LLP 3.00
Interactive Brokers 2.94

The significant shareholder information shown above is valid as at 28th September 2018.

As at 28th September 2018 , NAHL Group PLC has in issue 46,178,716 ordinary shares. No shares are held in treasury. In so far as NAHL is aware, the percentage of shares not in public hands is 18.88%.