Stop Nuisance Calls

National Accident Helpline publishes new cold calling research. NAHL Group plc’s core brand National Accident Helpline has released research which reveals that more Government intervention is needed to stop millions of people receiving disruptive and distressing cold calls.

The headline findings of the research show that: 

  • 73% don't think the Government is doing enough to prevent cold calls
  • 70% think the “tick box system” to opt out of calls doesn’t work
  • 66% aren't confident they know where to report cold calls
  • 40% receive more than nine cold calls on their landline every month

National Accident Helpline never uses cold calling to win business, but every year receives up to a thousand complaints from people who are being targeted by cold calls from people posing as the company.

Urgent action is needed by the Government and regulators. National Accident Helpline today launches a new three-step campaign ‘Stop Nuisance Calls’ to reform how the public is protected from these calls. Worryingly, over half of those questioned as part of the research (56%) said cold calls are causing them distress.

National Accident Helpline’s campaign is asking for:

  • The Government to set up a one-stop complaints process to help consumers understand how to stop unwanted cold calls and make an effective complaint
  • A commitment by Government to take stronger legal action against cold calls coming from international numbers, alongside ongoing work to ensure regulators can prosecute domestic cold calls more effectively
  • Simple, clear and consistent ‘opt-ins’ to email marketing or calls, that don’t trick or confuse consumers

You can read more about the campaign here:

You can read the full press release here: 


Posted in News on Nov 25, 2014.