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NAH has significant experienced in driving brand awareness and generating quality consumer leads in the UK personal injury market. According to research, in the UK personal injury market, National Accident Helpline is the most trusted brand, the most searched for brand and has the top click through rate to its website. NAH has invested more than £200 million in marketing over the past 20 years.

NAH has considerable experience and knowledge of the advertising market and specifically how to market strategically, attracting the types of enquiries that our Panel Law Firms find valuable. We take an integrated multi-channel approach to marketing, with the NAH brand being marketed across TV, online and social media.

Until recently, our consumer advertising strategy focused on the Underdog character was particularly successful in building awareness of the brand with consumers.

However in 2017 our focus has adapted, with a brand relaunch and campaign which aptly reflects the honesty and integrity of our business and is a massive departure from the typical advertising associated with this sector. ‘When it’s wrong, make it right’ shows – in amongst the media noise of ‘compensation culture’ and ‘ambulance chasing’ – that National Accident Helpline is a very different kind of service, purely helping people who have been injured in accidents that feel wrong.

Supporting the new positioning is a refreshed logo, brand identity and comms campaign. Central to this is new TV advertising, which features actual calls from previous claimants, and a dramatization of moving from ‘wrong’ to ‘right’, using the brand’s new colours. The intention is to provide an honest demonstration of the impact personal injuries can have on people’s lives, as well as the compassion and expertise that National Accident Helpline provides. Accompanying the TV are online Testimonial films, including Ben, a keen body-boarder who was unable to keep up his passion after having an injury at work.

             Ben's call                                     Kevin's call                               Ben's story

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Posted in News on Aug 19, 2014.