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Business Partner Testimonials

We strive to succeed and deliver the best possible performance for our customers and partners, while delivering profitable results. Our reputation is important us and we constantly seek feedback to ensure we are providing a valuable service to our consumers, Panel Law Firms and business partners.

Philip Dicken, Strategy and Partnerships Director, New Law LLP:

“NAH is a valued business partner. From the very beginning of our relationship we’ve found their tireless passion to understand their customer’s needs has helped us drive improvements to both the services offered and service levels we provide.”

Premex Group (NAH Products Supplier):

“National Accident Helpline is a well respected industry-leader and a highly valued business partner. Over a period of 11 years we have developed a strong, mutually beneficial relationship, and one where our collective passion for continually enhancing the customer journey has been a key factor . NAH has a deep understanding of the personal injury market and its customers. We have worked collaboratively to provide valuable services including medico-legal reporting, rehabilitation services and document collection, all of which deliver a better customer experience to our shared clients.”